Science NGSS Standards

Science Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for Quarter 1:

Earth and Space Sciences (ESS)

ESS1: Earth’s place in the universe

ESS2: Earth’s systems

ESS3: Earth and human activity

Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science (ETS)

ETS1: Engineering design

ETS2: Links among engineering, technology, science, and society

  • Identifying Evidence from Patterns in Rock Formations and Fossils to Support Changes in the Landscape Over Time
  • Observing and Measuring the Effects of Weathering or the Rate of Erosion
  • Analyzing and Interpreting Data from Maps to Describe Patterns of Earth’s Features
  • Planning and Carrying Out Fair Test with Controlled Variable to Improve a Model or Prototype (Engineering Design)
  • Defining a Simple Design Problem with Specified Criteria for Success and Constraints on Materials, Time or Cost  (Engineering Design)