Mr. Mogilski

My name is Mr. Mogilski and I will be the 4th grade ELA and Social Studies teacher this year! I was a fifth grade teacher for two years, and this is my second year teaching fourth grade at CMIT Elementary.  I earned my B.A. in History and Elementary Education from New Jersey City University, and I love teaching Social Studies.  When I’m not teaching, I enjoy watching sports (Giants, Yankees, Rangers), playing golf, and relaxing on the beach.  I look forward to challenging our students this year, as they prepare for fifth grade and eventually middle school.



Specials Schedule

Monday- Technology

Tuesday- Lego

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- Art

Friday- PE (Gym)



Homework Policy:

Homework packets will be completed weekly and must be turned in on Friday.  Our spelling and grammar assessment will be given each Friday, so students should be prepared for that.    Additionally, there will be a technology based homework assignment each week.  The platform is subject to change from week to week, but parents will be informed weekly of what the assignment is for the week. will be used as well as the Pearson online platform once we gain access.


Homework Grading Rubric:


Homework is turned in on time. ALL portions of the packet are complete, all questions are complete.  It is clear that the student has given a maximum effort. Homework is one day late OR homework is sloppy or illegible. No more than  A FEW questions may be incomplete.  Student has given a good effort. Homework is two days late OR homework is very sloppy or illegible.  Several questions, but more than 50%, of the packet is incomplete. Student has given a below average effort. Homework is three days late OR homework is illegible. Less than half of the packet is complete.  Student has given a poor effort. Homework packet is missing and has not been turned in.  No homework will be accepted later than three days after the due date.



Back to Schoo Night Presentation:

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